video course one unique.
You will'' the most used techniques to implement the true Neapolitan pizza.
Thanks to video, you learn more quickly than any other method and the you can get directly in the comfort of your home.
What are the steps to create a pizza professional thus obtaining the quality is perfect to serve at the table.
It is suitable for all, enthusiasts and professionals. The instructions are simple and explanations are made step step as if you were with us looking as it is really the pizza!

You agree with me that no pizza chef there set is the job as you must, it will take years to understandcheff what you pay learning.

Gustavo De Leo, pizza chef professional (Neapolitan) after 35 years of experience in handling the pizza, after beating the head on the table to resolve problems apparently insurmountable, after having taught more than 3,000 people, between private and companies, the techniques of basic and advanced to make the Neapolitan pizza, has created with us the biggest video course of pizza never done before!
We know with certainty what are the classic problems of who is preparing to learn to make the pizza in self-taught, and the enormous opportunities to gain that you throwing to the wind, not knowing the pizza as the true professionals!

The principles are:


The video often alas is copied directly from youtube or from other courses and then sold without your knowledge! You too can achieve the same video by copying the usual banalita courses made by inexperienced.
Our video course of pizza is unique in the world!

See here is the example... play youtube

ATTENTION! In the mixture that is used in the video Promo were added OF CEREALS TO GIVE fragrance and perfume to pizza after cooking. During the videocorso will be explained also other types of dough including the original S. T. G (traditional speciality guaranteed).


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Gustavo De Leo is a Neapolitan pizza maker 
Today lives in Catholic in the Province of Rimini 
Where he teaches and exercises his great profession of pizza chef professional. 
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12 lessons explained in a simple and intuitive video promo
In addition to 1 hour of video!

checkThe flour

checkThe yeast



checkThe tools for the pizza

checkThe oven

checkThe mixture direct

checkThe mixture indirect (Polish)

checkThe packets (loaves of bread)

checkThe drafting of the disk in hand and Mattarello

checkThe preparation of the ingredients on the disk

checkThe taking and the baking


From today during a VIDEO COURSE
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freccia.rossa .s Video.corso.attestato.piccolofreccia.rossa .d

(The DVD is compatible with all players table that support pizza-di-napoli
The technology MPEG/AVI, including PC/Mac. Language Italy)

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