Certificate of qualification as pizza chef

You want take the job of pizza maker? You are already quite good as pizza maker but you do not have a statement that the confirmation? from today offers to all those who buy the video course of Neapolitan pizza, A CERTIFICATE OF QUALIFICATION pizza chef "which allows increase substantially the opportunity to work in this sector.

To obtain the final certificate of qualification as a pizza maker, you must purchase the video pizza course. After the purchase, the user will be directed to the VIP area, where they will find a form to fill out with their data. Once the form has been completed, the user will receive by email the certificate of qualification with their name and surname, date of birth and serial number. In addition, in the VIP area you can view the video pizza course divided into 12 lessons, the S.T.G. and pdf material, to deepen your knowledge even more, to become a very good pizza chef.

What are the rules s.t.g.?

Are the rules that every good pizza maker should apply in its work, these rules explain how must be made the real Neapolitan pizza; the quantity and quality of the flour, the height of board and the thickness of pizza, the alcoholic for cooking etc.... well everything about the outcome of a good Neapolitan pizza!

What is the asset tag number?

The asset tag number is very important! Without such a code the certificate is not valid.
We do an example: Mario must come to a pizzeria to do a job interview. The employer asks him if it is in possession of some CERTIFICATE TO EXERCISE THE PARTIES of pizza chef at his pizzeria. Mario delivery of the certificate who from where at the bottom to the left is the serial code. At this point Mario can invite the employer to ask for verification of the certificate, through e-mail, to IF THE CERTIFICATE IS ISSUED BY THE EMPLOYER will receive'' A e-mail that confermera is the validity of the certificate.

So once looked at the course with the rules s.t.g. or better yet having done a little practice, it's likely that your recruitment will be successful. In more' you can extend your curriculum in order to present it with professionalism. is a guarantee for those looking for a job as a pizza maker, or for those who want to expand their cultural background as a professional pizza maker, because the site is known all over the world.
So what are you waiting for ... go to the video course section, below you will find the PayPal payment method. With Paypal you can use all credit cards that support the circuit such as: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, American Express, Aura, Discover. With PayPal, payment is immediate.

WARNING! THE CERTIFICATE IS FREE and is issued only to those who purchase the video course on the website
Its validity is justified between the customer and who will issue a matriculation code. If someone wants to verify its originality, he can enter the code that appears on the certificate at the bottom left of our site.

It is always possible for those who buy the video course to purchase other certificates with different names. The cost for each certificate is € 29.00. To purchase an additional certificate, just go to the VIP area, pay with Paypal and fill out the form with the data of the holder. reserves the right to keep a copy of the certificate in which it could be useful in the event that the buyer should lose his original copy. The copy can be requested by e-mail specifying the request with the license plate number.


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